The necessity of learning. Learning as the air I breath. Improvement as my goal.

That’s why I started to go to several workshops. I needed to feel that I have much more to learn. I saw myself in Barcelona one year ago, nervous and excited because for the first time I was meeting some of my favourite dancers and some new artists that I didn’t know. Ha. Funny. First class: Piny and Anasma working together, nothing more to say. I felt how my blood boiled trough my veins. Excitement. Happiness. I felt free.

For me, Piny was touching. I felt something cracking in my bones, deeply, as the cold does in winter. When the class finished, I ran to pay all the classes she was doing that week. I just saw the face that passion has, as simple as that, and I knew that that was the feeling that I wanted to feel everyday. I cried for days when Tribal Art was over.

Since then, I’ve tried to take as many classes with her as I could. In the ODImeantime and little by little, I met Orchidaceae and I realized how much we need their pure magic. That was the main reason why I applied to ODI, because I want that magic in my life.

It’s curious but I was in Lisbon when I recived the email saying that I was in. I never had doubts, I knew from the beggining that ODI would change my life. And I was right.

ORCHIDACEAE DANCE INTENSIVE: definition of awesomess.

Life inside ODI

I arrived straight from my job, two hours of sleep. Kenzi saved my ass picking me up from the airport. I was in the same car as Maria, Lucia, Kenzi and Anasama. I felt lucky.

First meeting, first impressions. For 5 days there would be two groups but people would be mixed everyday because “we could meet better each other in that way”. I admit that I expected too much of this intensive. My surprise came when all my expectations were beated the first day: I discovered that I had the GROOVE inside !!

Everyday Orchids were all around: helping, encouraging people, pushing us, smiling us, giving us their best. At the end of the day we always had a little meeting because Orchids believe that we have much to say and they needed our opinions to grow. And now, tell me, How often do you listen with such honesty that someone needs your help to grow? I had no words.

That day I met my flatmates too. My heart melted.

Day by day we grew together but we didn’t notice it. The atmosphere was saved, was kind, was delicate. But we didn’t notice it, we were just amazed. Sweating for hours, fighting everyday against our weeknesses, trying, winning, losing, laughing, loving, creating invisible laces. Dancing. LIVING. Vogue fun

The dinner was the third day. PERFECT cause we knew more or less each other but then…wine, food, dancers… and the magic happened. From that day to the last one, we were one and ha! We didn’t notice it either. It’s just a fun fact but you could feel it because the classes were more noisy than before.

On friday evening, Orchy fam organized a video session to show us how all the disciplines were born. It was so interesting to see the research they made, to share with my dancemates all the funny moments, to feel the excitment of being tought properly. How sweet it was!!

The weekend was hard. We knew that something big was reaching its end but we tried to enjoy it anyway, and of course, we did it. On saturday we had the pleasure to participate in the lovely and powerfull “My own style Jam session”. It’s something that we are not very used to do but I can assure you that you should try it at least once in your life. A sweeten dance fight. I know that a lot of my sisters there, were completely afraid of the moment. They thought they weren’t good enough…and you know what? They were BEAUTIFUL. You can’t imagine how beautiful is to see all that women who you work with during the week Anasma the bestenjoying the moment and being theirselves. I loved that moment, it was magical. (And see how Anasma surprised all the urban dancers too hahaha!! you rock girl!)

The last day was just so hard. I cried in the first 15 minutes of class. Anita was there pushing me to let it go cause I hate crying in front of everybody. But when happiness and sadness came across it’s so difficult to contain the emotion. We ended the day between sweat, tears and hugs. Even now I can’t stop crying when I remember it. The moment, the experience it’s priceless.


ODI is not an intensive. ODI is the heart and soul of Orchidaceae Family. ODI is something made from love. ODI is effort, is passion, is fearless. ODI it’s about learning without prejudices. It’s to be equals, no matter who you are, no matter how many time you’ve been dancing. It’s about recognising yourself, find your weeknesses and fight against them every damn day.

It’s about self-improvement. It’s about hardwork. ODI is synonym of respect for every single dance discipline because the parents of this intensive, strongly try to understand them trough hours, weeks, months and years of work; physical and theoretical work.

What ODI teaches it’s not only about how to dance some of the styles, ODI teaches how to go deeper, how to find that thing that make the difference. It teaches you to get up early, even when you have pain and bruises all over your body, wanting more, more and more. It’s a tool for your own work.

ODI is risk. It’s to see inside the people you work with, to look them into the eyes and see the person behind the flesh. Touch their emotions, pLOVElay with them and carefully giving them back to the owner without any crack. ODI is the soul and tears of a family that work together even when they are not close.

ODI is about release the demons and let them die. ODI is sisterhood. ODI is empty your body and refill it with new values and less hate. ODI is emotion, is happiness, is sadness, is even madness. It’s a powerfull way to learn about ourselves.


ODI is a before and after. I knew that this would happened. When I saw the schedule I was wondering if I would be capable to do all the disciplines they would be teaching: contemporary, floorwork, capoeira, house, hip hop, waacking, vogue, popping… I told Piny too many times that I wasn’t sure about it but I applied anyway. I was worried because I always think I know less that I already know, so the first lesson was play down that shitty thoughts.

ODI is special to me because is related with Orchidaceae and if I do the things I do today, it’s in part because of them. Because seeing their work the only thing that I want is keep going and be better than yesterday. As I said when I met Piny I felt just love and respect for her work, I felt the intensity and the passion she feels everytime she explains or does something that she loves and I inmediately fell in love of her person. That kind of pure soul who lives for the moment and tries to do things no matter what, no matter how. A person who can find inspiration in octopuses and gorillas, a beautiful tiny person who shouts “GO GO GO GO!!!! FUCK DON’T GIVE ME AN APPLAUSE, ASK ME SOMETHING !!!” and is able to fill a whole theatre just with her presence. I knew that she would meant something in my life, and so does she.

She was the first but then the others appeared and I understood the magnificent of Orchidaceae family:

  • I can’t explain with words how much joy I feel when I see Leo dancing, closing a bit her eyes meanwhile she start to sing the song it’s being played. How that wip of energy shake her and make her dance. The magic she produces in us.

  • I never thought that “peace” is something that you can touch until I met Kenzi.

  • I never believed that confidence and tranquility was something that someone can inject you just with the presence until I met Cookie.

  • I felt that nothing could surprise me, then I met for the first time a prodigy I met María.

  • I always wanted to try break dance and capoeria but I never felt that I could, so I threw away the key of those doors and I forgot about them for years. Then I met Lucia and she returned me the key and breathed power and confidence to everybody.

  • I thought sweetness it was just a concept, then I met Moony and the way she dance, the way she works in everything she loves and I realized that Sweetness it’s more than a concept, it’s a gift.

  • I thought that I saw everything that I wanted to see. Then I met Silvia and her arms, and her smile working as hard as us.

  • I thought that “DANCE” & Tribal Fusion couldn’t surprise me anymore. Then I went to ODI.


    ODI is not  about JUST Orchidaceae, it’s about the people it’s around you and yourself. They just push, push and push until you go, jump and fly by yourself, appreciating the others and respecting the others. I realized that I was blind, looking just to a little tiny plot of dancers when I always had so much more in front of my eyes. It’s to learn how to be more openminded with yourseld and the others. I learned a lot of people have the same opinions as me, that others feel exactly the same I feel. That hope exists.

    I don’t know what is going to happen now but the only thing I know it’s that I did the best thing I could do: Trust in them and let my be.

    I know this experience has changed me completely and I know that it’s going to be hard too. It’s going to be hard to manage this passionated feelings that I still have in my heart, all this love and sadness that I feel at the same time when I think that it’s getting far. This ugly distance that I can even touch sometimes. BUT the reality is that I’ve learned more that I could expect and I have too much to think about that I’m still overwhelmed. Now I know that I’m prepared, I’m ready, I can do it.

    So if you have the chance, DON’T MISS IT. Because you are going to leave your city  being you and you’ll come back being YOURSELF. And with so much love going over your body that you’ll think you’re gonna faint and die.

    I spent so many years containing ME and for the first time I let me go. That’s something that not everybody can give you.BIG FAMILY HUG